Best Eco Friendly Events

Best Eco Friendly Events in the World

Crowd-pulling events are notoriously bad for the environment, but fortunately as eco-consciousness increases globally, innovative green solutions are on the rise too.

It is inspiring to learn about the many events that have been specifically designed with the health of the planet in mind.

From waste disposal and supply chain management to the activities available to festival-goers, also eco friendly lifestyle and ecofriendly living, the events in this article are paving the way to a greener future.

Best Eco-Friendly Events:

  • Earth Day
  • Green Festival
  • Burning Man Festival

Burning Man Festival

Once a year, party-goers and bohemians from all walks of life gather together to celebrate at the Burning Man Festival.

The festival itself is located in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, and the event advocates values like self-expression and community.

Along with these two key values, the festival strives to emphasize self-sufficiency. Each year the transient framework of Black Rock city is taken apart and put back together again by organisers.

The thinking behind this centres around the philosophy of “leave no trace” – in other words leave only footprints behind you.

Festival goers are expected to dispose of their own waste, making the entire endeavour a communal event.

The green spirit is all about leaving your natural surroundings in the exact same state as they were upon arrival. At Burning Man, there is an entire campsite devoted to recycling and composting.

This service is rare at festivals and requires considerable planning. At the green camp, compostable products are turned into fertiliser and other waste items are recycled. What’s more, a number of the camps at Burning Man are solar powered.

As if all this weren’t enough to earn Burning Man a green medal, there are hundreds of bikes available to be ridden around the festival. This eco-friendly form of transport makes Burning Man one of the greenest festivals around.

Additionally, festival-goers are encouraged to make donations to charities with an environmentally-friendly focus.

With all of the green infrastructure and incentives, it seems certain that Burning Man is among the most eco-friendly festivals in the world.

However, this is up for debate, as the festival attracts participants from around the globe – all of whom travel to the location. This leaves a massive carbon footprint on the planet, not to mention all of the fires lit during the festival itself.

However, despite these factors, Burning man still leaves a relatively small carbon footprint in comparison to other festivals and events.

Green Festival

Famous for being the biggest and longest-standing sustainability event in the USA, Green Festival is a trade show that showcases several leading international brands and companies.

From conscious consumers to progressive thinkers and inventers, Green Festival has it all. The exhibition is intended to promote green products, while simultaneously showing methods with which to live holistically and sustainably.

Every year at the Green Festival, the company Global Exchange teaches thousands of people about a potentially greener future economy.

The innovative event brings together leaders, gurus, community-driven entrepreneurs and members of the public.

The event is a celebration of all things green, ranging from solar-powered energy to fair-trade products. With all this, participants are able to experience the full range of green senses, from taste, sight and smell to touch and sound as well.

The Green Festival is gaining popularity by the year, both with suppliers and consumers of green products. This is good news for the environment, as greener practices means a lighter carbon footprint.

While the goal of becoming a zero-waste event may seem lofty, Green Festival has already made leaps and bounds in the world of sustainable living. For starters, the festival makes use of recycled materials for branding and signage.

Additionally, anything that can be recycled is, and the show is held only in venues known for their efficient energy infrastructures. What’s more is that all exhibitors are thoroughly screened to ensure their dedication to green company practices.

Green Festival also advocates sustainable transport options and offer incentives to all those using green transport. All food and beverage containers are entirely biodegradable, making Green Festival among the most environmentally-friendly events on the planet.

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Earth Day

Best Eco Friendly Events

On the 22nd of April each year, events and shows are held around the globe in support of the environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Earth Day has been around since 1970, and is strongly linked with the launch of the contemporary eco-friendly movement.

These days, billions of people around the world are known to celebrate Earth Day, and the numbers are growing by the year. With this in mind, Earth Day claims the title of the largest environmentally-friendly event on the planet.

There are numerous eco-friendly accomplishments linked to Earth Day, many of which have been credited as life-changing. But aside from improving quality of life, Earth day is connected strongly to environmental education.

Every year on Earth Day, millions of students and school-goers have the opportunity to learn about pure water and air supplies. Additionally, poorer communities are given solar-powered energies, yet these examples are only a fraction of Earth Day’s achievements.

Every year, individuals from all walks of life are united in an effort to improve the health of our dear planet. While some people choose to clean up waste in their neighbourhoods, others take care of the beaches and mountains.

Marches and petitions typically take place in order to raise awareness of the global warming crisis. What’s more is that even politicians announce eco-friendly accomplishments, while updating the public on plans for future improvements.

This generally includes promises to invest in more environmentally-friendly technology, as well as to improve green performance in general.

What with the billions of participants annually for Earth Day, the event is quite obviously among the most eco-friendly events on the planet.

The global celebration is evidence that we can work together as a global community, and quite possibly reverse the damage that has been done to our environment already.

These events offers best ways to be more eco friendly at home, eco friendly house ideas and living an eco friendly lifestyle.

These were the best eco friendly events in the world, did you know other beneficial events that help green lovers in Go Green.

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