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    The Difference between Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

    Although the terms “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” are often used interchangeably, there is in fact a vast difference between the two words. According to the dictionary, “eco-friendly” can be defined as “not harmful to the environment.” On the other hand, the term “sustainable” is defined as “conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.” …

    Benefits of Eco Friendly Products – Why Buy Eco-Friendly Products

    We’ve all heard that we should be using eco-friendly products in the home, whether for cleaning, grooming, or beautification. But is it really necessary to invest in organic products when at first it may seem that these products will never end up on the earth? What are the important benefits of eco-friendly products? Well, the …

    How to Start Minimalist Living

    While the word “minimalism” describes the art of simple living, there are many misconceptions surrounding the actual definition. For starters, a great number of people associate minimalism with a lack of material possessions. However, you don’t need to give away all of your belongings in order to live a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalist living is all about focusing on your personal priorities, as opposed to mindlessly buying things without a second thought.

    The Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

    The art of minimalist living holds a different meaning to everyone. While some will categorize their philosophy based on quantity, others are focused more on quality. This means that there is more than one way to embrace minimalism, and there are no concrete rules to worry about. Essentially, minimalism is about intentionally choosing to live with less material possessions. However, the exact details as to what constitutes minimalism are up for debate. 

    Tiny House on Wheels – How to Live in Tiny House on Wheels

    Are you bored and want to try something different? In this post, you will learn about how to live in tiny house on wheels, and the importance of that for our world.

    The tiny house movement is growing in popularity, primarily for economical and environmental reasons. With fewer utilities to upkeep, it not only saves cash but results in a smaller carbon footprint per individual. While many tiny homes are entirely off-grid, (relying instead on renewable energy sources) others are not.

    Although there is no universal definition of the term “tiny,” when it comes to tiny houses they usually measure less than 600 square feet.


    Living Big in a Tiny House

    In recent years, the tiny house movement has fast gained traction, and there are a number of advantages to living in a tiny home. The trend centres around simple-living, with a particular focus on self-sufficiency, community, and relationships. While definitions of “tiny” differ from person to person, tiny houses are generally more affordable. The near minimalist lifestyle …

    Living Big in a Tiny House